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Sometimes you just need to change your perspective

In my daily job in the corporate world I spend much of my time recruiting managers and sales professionals from other companies.  I recently sat down with a recruiting prospect and we were discussing the differences in our companies.  (We’ll call this prospect John, since that’s a unique name and will be […]

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The hardest career question you will ever have to answer

What do you want to be when you grow up?  As a kid that question was exciting and full of possibilities.  Kids are encouraged to be anything they want to be.  In elementary school I can always remember being ready to answer this question.  I wanted to be a trash man! […]

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Business lessons you can learn from MMA

Several months ago my daughter announced to my wife and I that she wanted to take karate classes.  We were a little surprised because she definitely isn’t the most assertive personality in the world.  During soccer she would chase after the ball and kick it, but only as long as there wasn’t someone […]

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